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noun  mo·dus \ˈmōdəs\
A mode of procedure :  a way of doing something.


noun  en·gage·ment \in-ˈgāj-mənt, en-\
The act of engaging or condition of being engaged.


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App Data Room is the leading enterprise mobile sales enablement platform that assists global sales and marketing teams to organize, store, share, present, and track content. The platform is designed to be highly intuitive and integrates with core enterprise software systems for an entirely seamless experience.


Enterprise marketing teams appreciate the insights generated from the platform and the ability to push the latest marketing content to their networks of sales reps, distributors and channel partners in an efficient manner. Today, App Data Room services tens of thousands of users globally.


Save Time and Maximize Your ROI for Tradeshows & Events. Lead Capture premium lead retrieval allows you to collect contact information while engaging trade show attendees with your media and sales collateral.


Using your iOS or Android device you can scan badges and business cards at trade shows and events to instantly update your leads database, see who is generating the most leads on the floor, and track when your prospects open follow up emails. The information captured can also be sent automatically into your CRM and/or Marketing Automation platforms via our integrations.


Engage your audience in a whole new way. Give your prospects and customers the power to interact with your products, to customize and create their own journey. Virtual has never been more real.

About Modus Engagement, Inc.

Previously known as App Data Room, we continue evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our global customer base.


With a strong focus on sales enablement, content activation, and lead capture, our feature-rich platforms offer easy-to-use tools that require virtually no training. As a result, our technology has driven more than 300,000 sales conversations in more than 41 languages between enterprise sales professionals and their customers.


The name Modus Engagement reflects what we do for our clients and who we are as a company in our broader commitment and expertise to driving the innovations needed to shape the future of sales and customer engagement through digital technology solutions.


We are engaged in our work, life, and community, and we couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds.